Welfare Work

Some Causes CCG Trust in India work for
Utilising funds raised through donations, we work for a wide range of causes. Some such causes include:
1. Child rights
2. Poverty
3. Social Injustice
4. Environment Conservation
5. Human Rights
6. Care for elderly people
7. Women Empowerment
8. Wildlife Conservation
9. Animal Rights
10. Sanitation and Hygiene
11. Humanitarian Relief
12. Health and Nutrition
13. Literacy and Education
14. Refugee Crisis
15. Disease Control and others
CCG Trustconsists of experts with years of experience in executing social welfare activities. Before rolling out a project, detailed analysis of the situation is done and possible solutions are contemplated. Collaboration with civic agencies and other government agencies (at district, state and even national level at times) is done to carry out the work.