Aims & Objectives


(a) Empowerment & Welfare of women – All issues for the development and empowerment of women of all age.

(b) Welfare of Weaker sections – All issues for empowerment and welfare of people from scheduled castes, schedule tribes, backward classes, minority, third-gender, differently-abled, physically challenged and all poor needy people without any distinction as to caste, color, race, creed, place of birth, religion or sex.

(c) Development Issues – Work for Rural Development, Urban Development, Poverty Alleviation, Skill Development of youths, unemployed people, women and people from weaker sections.

(d) Science & Technology – All issues for promotion of Science and Technology including Biotechnology. Establishment of Science Faculty and Laboratories in schools, colleges and other institutions for promotion of Scientific and Innovative attitude on charitable basis. Support for New & Renewable Energy, clean and pollution free energy.

(e) Education & Skill Development – Establishment and running of schools, colleges, vocational training centre, computer education, adult education and IT centers and all other academic as well as competitive education on charitable basis. Supply of books, stationery, incentives, scholarships and stipends for poor students and trainees of scheduled castes, schedule tribes, backward classes, minority, third gender, differently-abled, physically challenged and from BPL families.

(f) Health & Fitness – All issues related to nutrition, health and family welfare on charitable basis. Establishment of Hospitals, Yoga Therapy Centre, Homeopathic, Unani, Ayurvedic and Natural Medicine’s Wellness Centers and other health and fitness related units. Arranging campaigns, seminars, health camps and spreading awareness for prevention from communicable, epidemic diseases, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Filaria, Meningitis, etc.

(g) Environment – All issues related to Conservation of land, water, fresh air, forest, and animals. Disaster Management for calamities like relief and assistance for flood, famine, earth-quake, fire effected people and animals. Planning &Development of Human and Natural resources after calamities.

(h) Arts, Culture & Sports -To provide all types social, Cultural, Dance, Arts, Painting, crafts, sports facilities to the people of the country on charitable basis. Promoting Indian arts and culture through establishment &running of Dancing schools, sports centers, auditorium, museums, Halls and vocational training institutions in Fine Art, Crafts, Music, Painting, Modeling, Dancing, Yoga, Play, Theater, Nukkad Natak, Physical education and in other arts, sports & cultural training subjects.

(i) Miscellaneous Social Issues
1) To provide conditions To create a sense of brotherhood, co-operation, mutual harmony, love and affection amongst the members of the Trust and also amongst general public.

2) and appropriate instruction for developing of intellectual and practical skills.

3) To provide opportunities to acquire skills in using various media so that students can appreciate their qualities and expressive potential.

4) To promote skills in analysis and evaluation and to help students identify scope for improvement in their own work.

5) To guide students towards their full potential and to offer encouragement so that they may increase their confidence and derive enjoyment in their work.

6) To help the students in preparation for competitions or competitive examinations of all kinds at all levels.

7) To establish, support, finance, run and develop such out of school activities for the children where they could have the benefits and enjoy of participating in sports, games and other artistic activities like Painting, art, craft, Music, dance, wood & clay work and also arrange the educational trips.

8) The arts and crafts subject embodies various traditions, from the craftsman’s solid knowledge of materials, techniques and work processes, via the designer’s knowledge of developing ideas and solving problems, to the artist’s production of creative work of art. The perception of art, design and architecture are along with raising the awareness of our cultural heritage in the global perspective, important aspects of the subject. Sami arts and crafts, are a natural element of our cultural heritage. Understanding the arts and crafts of the past and the present in one’s own culture and that of others may provide the basis for developing our multicultural Trust.

9) Trust will work for the welfare of Minority community and street children and will provide them education and health awareness in their area by demonstration.

10) To protect the human rights of general public at all levels.

11) That Activities for the upliftment of The Right to Information Act-2005, where ever and whenever it require at any place. The organization will try for the propagation of the Act Rules through Media, Public Meetings, Seminars, Pamphlets specially in the rural Areas, villages etc.

12) To establish and run the school and colleges for the children with special emphasis upon different, creativity and handicapped children, orphan, old age- mentally retarded, disabled from all over world.

13) To start guidance centers, consultancy center, study center and coaching centers with great emphasis on job-oriented courses on charitable basis.

14) To provide scholarship, stipends and aids to deserving brilliant students on the economic basis (merit& poor students).

15) Trust at providing camps, workshops, road shows for health guidance services, facilities for all the kinds of charitable dispensaries, yoga and nature-cure centers, social, national and emotional integration among the People of the country, so that the people may have national identity, national consciousness, national feelings and may help in solving the national problems e.g. population explosion, illiteracy, poverty and the need of communal harmony.

16) To work for the weaker persons of the society to help them in all fields, in all possible manners, to provide them food, clothes, shelters-homes, lower to higher level education, self – employment, training-centers, and to help them in all respects.

17) To make efforts for the solution of general problems such as concerning roads, telephones, medical and charitable dispensaries, schools, collage, play grounds, libraries reading rooms and community control etc. of the common public with the help of the concerned government authorities and solve them.

18) To open, start and manage Academic, job oriented Technical & Computer Education for promoting academic, technical and computer literacy on very low expenditure for all kind of students.

19) To work sincerely for the mankind and humanity without any discrimination of color, caste, creed, religion, reign, country or any such limitation.

20) To work for widows, war-victims, old-age-people welfare in all respects.
21) To eradicate the social evils, to help the abandoned, lonely, handicapped, deaf & dumb, disabled people.

22) To collect subscription, grants in aid, funds or other charity from persons bodies and Govt. and borrow money or raise loan on interest or otherwise and deposit money in such a manner as may be deemed fit and utilize the same for the furtherance of the aims and objects mentioned above and acquired land and property in manner for the benefit of the Trust.

23) To accept gifts, bequests, devises or donation of any movable or immovable property or any rights or interest therein from members or others.

24) To give, provide and distribute blankets, rugs, woven clothing, quilts of cotton, woven, silk, or other varieties of cloth or other articles of necessity and facilities for poor.

25) To found, assist & maintain and run, establish the centers for the destitute for their city development and to work with all NCT Organizations related children.

26) To found, assist & maintain and run the centers for providing the education program from lower level up to higher level related with all languages, and other training center etc. organize social, cultural programs, functions, for development of mankind.

27) To acquire, hold purchases, soil/land, exchange, lease and turn to account all kinds of properties, movable and immovable for purposes connected with or conductive to the promotion of the objects of the Trust as per law.

28) To borrow, land and otherwise deal with the monies properties belonging to the Trust and to give security to take security in connection with the said dealings or acts in the name of Trust.

29) To launch and promote the health programs for all age groups and arrange health camps on various health and nutritional issues.

30) To do all such other acts and things, investing the properties of the Trust with power to open an account or accounts in any nationalized bank and to operate the said accounts as provided in the Trust and to acquire, hold purchase, sell exchange, lease and turn to account all kinds of properties, movable and immovable, for the purposes connected with or conductive to the promotion of the objects of the Trust.

31) To make efforts for the solution of general problems of the old-age people and all age group, with the help of the government authorities and solve them, such as old age homes, medical and charitable dispensaries, parks, libraries, reading rooms and community center, Old Age Home/Vridhasaram and etc.

32) And to do all necessary Acts, deeds and things for the betterment of Women, Children & poor- deprived people.