Board of Trustees

1. Shri Ashok Kumar Gupta- Shri Ashok is a social activist. He is a social worker. Even from childhood, he started helping people at need. He helps every people of any caste, any religion, any origin or whatsoever. He works all over India in every state.
2. Smt. Sudha Gupta- Smt Sudha Gupta alias Sangita Gupta works for women empowerment. She works to educate girl child. She is dedicated to each girl. Women feel safe with her help and support. She runs various programs for skilling girl child and make them self dependent.
3. Shri Babloo Kumar- By profession, Shri Babloo is a driver but he helps poor and deserted people. He even works in the night the same way as in the day. People feel a brothers touch by his help.